Dear Friends, as many of you know, I have been in concert with Siria Family offering 
Transformational Channeling classes for the past 15 years. "The Anatomy of Authentic Channeling".

Private Session, just you and Spirit

Channeling Sessions with Siria Family are private consultations which are intimate, loving and and prove to be energetically shifting. Siria Family speaks with people all over the country. While in the presence of Siria Family you are met with absolute love with each and every meeting.

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Mediumship Sessions with Family Members on the Other Side

Its a beautiful experience to know there is no end to life, but instead a new life that meets us, waits for us as we return to Spirit. I am thrilled that this subject is gaining popularity and have found that no matter what a person's beliefs are, they are either interested or intrigued by conversations with dearly departed loved ones.

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Each energy treatment is specifically designed and created for your own personal needs. In a safe and loving environment, I work with channeling and toning, a vibrational healing as well as hands on to facilitate and integrate the energies at hand.  Through this process I am able to use the gift of clairvoyance seeing within ones energy field.

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Sessions Available by Phone, Zoom, Facetime.

Sheryl will go into trance allowing spirit to speak through her offering you guidance, love and healing during your personal and private reading.

Once date and time are selected please make your payment to confirm, thank you.  Looking so forward in working with you in this way!

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