Individual Paintings

I am moved by all of life, life itself is my canvas. The volume of emotions even lack therein stimulate me in ways that I seek to discover the soul and spirit by what I am engaged with. Rather than subscribe to a particular icon, subject or ideology it is the movement within that guides me when I paint. Its a risky way to work, it challenges me to stay focused, to be centered, to listen to the silence in a time that is booming with noise. My moments of pure happiness is when I am lost in the moment, lost in my imagination. Although sometimes I work from drawings, my preferred method is one of spontaneity and fluidity. I love to feel the paint often working through a myriad of emotions and feelings. Love and fear are two energies I am intimate with. And then, a gentle dance begins, and I find a new rhythm. In that way my authentic self is born. I point my brush in a direction to capture the essence, soul of my subjects, not really a direct likeness. Perhaps to give the viewer a sense of connection, a sense of timelessness to enter the art and be part of it. Between, mysticism, dreams and reality my aim is for my paintings to mark the transition point in healing. I am interested in all energies beneath the surface, the subconscious and the unknown. I often go back in time even project into the future to create something new. My dream is that my art creates joy, happiness and love dismantling illusion, thereby creating a platform of awareness to see our similarities rather than our differences. My wish for the viewer is to become engaged in the painting, to be suspended in the now, in a state of becoming and to be captured by your own essence.

My deepest desire is that my work will elicit an emotional response that motivates others to act on self realization, personal growth and unconditional love towards all Beings.

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Woman with Canine #1

Red Hot

Healing represents itself in many ways. In this series, I am painting what calls to be healed by looking at the serious side as well as adding a dose of  humor.

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square:Fem-Fe#1 copy

Sacred Animals & Hybrids

The mystery of the animal kingdom certainly does bring its majesty. Animals do not speak in English and yet we are so moved by them. Why would this be? Do they carry a specific magic or medicine? Is it there beauty, their grace or their intelligence? Why do we say a animal is so smart when they respond to a human request? I believe it is because we see so much of ourselves in them. In this body of work,  I see so much woman in the cat that I wanted to create a body of work that showed this. I am particularly drawn to the big cats in Africa.They are so much like us. At the end of the day we both have the same cares and feelings.

We both, feline and human care and desire for a decent if not great place to live, we care about our off spring, the lives they will lead, we care about shelter and we care about food. If we were to see more of ourselves in the world around us then perhaps healing can set in? We can treat these as fellow beings rather than trophy’s or in some cases the big cat is something to be afraid but rather our brothers and sisters simply creating themselves in a different form.

The feline also has a spiritual intelligence and quite telepathic. This we see hunting strategies whereby the cats never have a verbal dialogue. Its all done telepathically. The part of their brains that hold the space for telepathic communicating with each other is larger than in us.

In my quest to show the beauty in the feline, the feminine energy in the feline it is my desire to stimulate peoples to see the natural world around us as something special, scared and something to be respected.

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A 39241

Series Paintings

Through the Eyes of an Ancient Portal

The reasons for making these paintings are multi-faceted. First the desire alone, the passion I felt to remake certain inner themes. However passion is motivating, but it's not enough. The idea of transformation is what allows for the new energy to take hold. Ancient concepts bask in contemporary views. The first canvas is speaking about love in a family sense. Love that is shared, honored, respected. Within the act of creation, offsprings nourish springing forth from that love.  Growth is abundant.The sense of nurturing with sisters, the unity, safety that comes from unconditional love. In the second canvas, moving from Thebes to Telle Armana. This period takes on a style known today as the Armana Style.

The Goddess Isis, guides those on this journey to establish new life in new territory. Exemplifying coming together, guidance, vision, we  carry in establishing any kind of territory, thus the mission is being carried out by the vision. From the lotus, a female is born with the all seeing eyes of Horus.The first act of creation gives birth to new territory, a new pattern of existence is created.

In Egyptian spirituality the BA is represented by the head of previous incarnation and the body of a bird. In this painting the story takes a pause to reflect on harmony, balance, equality, order and celebration of new ideas taking shape. Having the confidence to look directly into the eye of others, feeling the sense of acceptance. Love is in the eye of the beholder, vulnerability is sacred. Canvas four, the love of idealization continues, never in ancient history do we see the Pharaoh showing great emotion and love for his wife. This sense of expression, of divine significance reaches and dives within to a place of truth.

In this way, transformation can now begin to take new shape represented here with the symbology of the old being replaced by the new, guided by the Higher Self. All of which we are asked to be in the process of self-empowerment as we walk our paths, ascending to greater awareness to that which is ourself. The Divine Self, becoming the God Self.

In a way I feel as though I have finished a body of work that I started so very long ago changing the ending.

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