In canvas #1 "Woman with Canine". We see a woman holding her canine companion close to her heart as she gazes off in the distance. Covering her heart while protecting it, the canine serves as her companion as well as protector.  I chose to make this series in red as red is the color of the heart, the color of the blood that beats through out our bodies and also can bring the idea of alarm, or alert. I wanted to make a painting addressing uncomfortable feelings in hopes of bringing relief. Loneliness is at a all time high right now. Although we have social media which can  connect us, many feel more disconnected, even edited.  Our furry friends offer so much, but we still need each other. In building community and seeing our sameness perhaps we can feel whole.

In canvas #2 "Keeping the Libido Alive". Our libidos connect us to life, the giving of life and the sharing of it. People sometimes feel when they get older the libido gets milder.  Smiles, well I don't have too much to say about this painting other than "if you get the urge"....                                  (sliding down the staircase banister was always fun)

In canvas #3 "What i do on my Day Off" (nuff said)....The funny thing is never have a day off, but when I do I will make a painting about my days activities!

In canvas #4 "Control"  I wanted to make a painting which suggest what one may feel like when under the energy of another's control or manipulation. In this way I wish not to bring more of this energy, but working through it in my painting I hope to share compassion and understanding to what most of us have felt at one time or another.

In this series i hope my viewers can see a "wee" bit of themselves in each of these tiny paintings. Perhaps bring a smile to your face,  and nurturing to the soul.

Each painting is 5x7 oil on canvas mounted with 8x8 black faux leather in a black frame, ready to hang $550.00 each