The mystery of the animal kingdom certainly does bring its majesty. Animals do not speak in English and yet we are so moved by them. Why would this be? Do they carry a specific magic or medicine? Is it there beauty, their grace or their intelligence? Why do we say a animal is so smart when they respond to a human request? I believe it is because we see so much of ourselves in them. In this body of work,  I see so much woman in the cat that I wanted to create a body of work that showed this. I am particularly drawn to the big cats in Africa. They are so much like us. At the end of the day we both have the same cares and feelings. We both, feline and human care and desire for a decent if not great place to live, we care about our off spring, the lives they will lead, we care about shelter and we care about food. If we were to see more of ourselves in the world around us then perhaps healing can set in? We can treat these as fellow beings rather than trophy’s or in some cases the big cat is something to be afraid but rather our brothers and sisters simply creating themselves in a different form. The feline also has a spiritual intelligence and quite telepathic. This we see hunting strategies whereby the cats never have a verbal dialogue. Its all done telepathically. The part of their brains that hold the space for telepathic communicating with each other is larger than in us.

In my quest to show the beauty in the feline, the feminine energy in the feline it is my desire to stimulate peoples to see the natural world around us as something special, scared and something to be respected.