Tails of Shahrazad   

Tails of Shahrazad from The Arabian Nights, 1001 Nights

These are the stories that saved the life of Shahrazad, who’s husband–the king, executed each of his wives after a single night of marriage.

Beginning an enchanting story each evening, Shahrazad always withheld the ending. After 1001 nights, her life was spared forever.

Many of these stories have weaved their way into our culture. “Sinbad the Sailor”, “Ali Baba ad the Forty Thieves”, “The Fisherman and the Genie” are just a few to mention. In this body of work, Shahrazad finds inspiration in a wise old soul who happened to be embodied as a cat.

 Together they change the course of history and birth “The Tails of Shahrazad.”

Through the Eyes of an Ancient Portal 

The reasons for making these paintings are multi-faceted. First the desire alone, the passion I felt to remake certain inner themes.

 However passion is motivating, but it’s not enough. The idea of transformation is what allows for the new energy to take hold.

 Ancient concepts bask in contemporary views.

 In this way, transformation can now begin to take new shape represented here with the symbology of the old being replaced by the new, 

guided by the Higher Self. All of which we are asked to be in the process of self-empowerment as we walk the path, ascending to greater awareness to that which is ourself. 

The Divine Self, becoming the God Self.

“Through the Eyes of an Ancient Portal” oil on canvas 6 paintings with encaustics 48″ high approx 70″ across  sold as set $12,000.

In my work as a healer I work with clients in a myriad of ways with the idea of shifting energy. These energies are the ones that are no longer in operation per see but what are still being carried around. In this body of work, my focus was to create, paint much like a visual diary. We are all ready at some time to Move On. The paintings start small, with each shifting of energy the color palette changes as does the canvas size. I chose to work with the idea of a house as that represents in this series as what we are intimate with. In painting #1 we see a female that is trapped and or has out grown the current situation. In painting #2 the figure has moved out of the given situation, but still her eyes are closed. In painting #3 we see a sense of Spirit acting as Guide with movement taking place, a willingness to leave the former reality. In painting #4 first feelings and sensations of growing, healing, self love and passion returning to self. In painting #5 this is where the transformation now begins. Darker energies transform into colors, the heart chakra is shown on the main figure with the idea of pink and green as this is the healer now working with inner selves. In painting #6 moving towards freedom, she has her hand on the house, she’s got a handle on it. In painting #7 Feelings of being lifted by love and in the last painting she is now on top of it all. Total freedom and connection with the Light. I have named this series Movin On. Sold as a set $10,000.