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Magical Realism

See the paintings.   I am moved by all of life, life itself is my canvas. The volume of emotions even lack therein stimulate me in ways that I seek to discover the soul and spirit by what I am engaged with.

Sacred Animals & Hybrids

See the paintings.   The mystery of the animal kingdom certainly does bring its majesty. Animals do not speak in English and yet we are so moved by them.

Series Paintings

Through the Eyes of an Ancient Portal

See the paintings.

The reasons for making these paintings are multi-faceted. First the desire alone, the passion I felt to remake certain inner themes. 

Pop, Surreal & Red Hot

See the Paintings  Healing represents itself in many ways. In this series, I am painting what calls to be healed by looking at the serious side as well as adding a dose of  humor.

Soul & Spirit Portraits

See the Paintings   Angels, Higher Self, Inner Child Self, Spirit Guides, Soul and Star Selves, even Future Selves are all part of our journey here on planet Earth. These Beings share themselves , expose themselves to us in a myriad of loving ways.