Siria Family and I have been together  since the beginning of my earth experiences and as recent as in ancient Egypt. They align, to the star systems of Sirius.  Siria Family is a multidimensional, physical and non, consciousness that shares her aspects with us. Hence making us all family in a sense. The different vibrational frequency’s we hear and feel are parts of HER! This is what I experience. Connecting to a SHE vibration, deep, deep within the Universe. Toning, belting out loud tonal vibrations, changing into dance like forms, creating and recreating is pure joy and love for Siria Family. She, they have the ability to “choreograph” into a dance like nature, coming together like a symphony, into a single tone, a single voice.

Each and every trance session is unique and special. For every, every time I return to our world I am touched by every one of you. Each and every time Siria comes to speak to others through me She always says, “Indeed the pleasure is ours”. I am deeply honored and touched to be channeling during this extraordinary time on earth. I thank you all for spending time with us and allowing us to do what we enjoy most, “filling you with hearts grace”.

Over the years I have channeled many wonderful beings such as Ascended Masters, Jesus, Mary, St. Michael, St. Germain, Chief White Feather, Whale  & dolphin consciousness, ET, Brotherhood of Light, Animal Friends and Family members on the other side.

I will never forget the day I met Siria Family. I was encapsulated in a vibration, a vortex of luminescent love like I had never felt–it was palatable. This love, connection–blending if you will–lasted for what seemed timeless, or missing time. In a sense I was being reminded, re-introduced, and reconnected to a dear soulful love that began much prior to my earth experience. She awakened my memory, opened my heart in such a way that it felt as though in my chest there were two beating hearts. Such was the birth of Siria Family within me. It was at that time that I first heard the intimate words Eternal Love, which impacted me on a deeply personal level. I was forever touched, my life was never to be the same. And so it is with great joy in sharing this with you. My journey with channeling is always changing and always unfolding in miraculous ways. I have learned the art of surrender, to allow Siria Family to guide, to lead the way. When I do, magic is reality.

I hope this is of some help to those of you who have asked. Siria Family does not speak much about herself and it has been quite challenging for me to define in our language. Actually I prefer not to define or have to describe, but so many folks have asked over the years. Its my attempt to describe for you the indescribable. In channeling, trust is a huge, huge energy we must embrace.