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Become A Channel and Receive Healing
First and foremost is the connection, the partnership with you and your Higher Self. Your birthright is to know, be in dominion with your Higher Self, the greatest relationship of all.  This is the beginning step that is the precipice of all.
Download 1- Channeling Class #1
The Higher Self, how to connect, how to partner for healing. You will receive the teachings of how to feel and contain higher states of frequency. These energies not only set the stage for channeling, but develop one to be more in alignment with one’s own dreams, desires and healing within. You are guided each and every step of the way by Sheryl.
Channeling Class # 2, The Meeting of the Gatekeeper, Sheryl full trance with Siria Family.
Siria Family speaks on the New World. The role of the Gatekeeper. Establish Unseen Friends, building a relationship, a bond of love. Siria Family guides to meet and greet in a powerful healing visual journey. Feel the vibration of unconditional love.

Downloads- a total of 75 minutes 


1 hour session – $175.00

90 minute session – $250.00

2 hour session – $295.00

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4 week channeling class Dates TBA  $295.00
8 week channeling class Dates TBA  $575.00

# of Weeks

Soul & Spirit Portrait $295.00 ~ Includes: Energy treatment, materials,artwork, as well all USA shipping.  Please note: We do worldwide shipping! However we are not responsible for custom’s fee’s and charges.Thank you!