Publications and Experience

2023     Featured in Sedona Journal of Emergence, June pages 46-47                            “Create the World you Desire”.

2023    Guest Trance Channel, Healer and Speaker with Moncef on his show, Your Divine Uniqueness, “The Anatomy of Authentic Channeling” and group healing.

2023    Guest Trance Channel, Healer and Speaker “What’s Love Got to Do With it”, with host Lauren Galey on New Earth One Network.

2023     Zo Magazine, A Different Kind of Universe. Call for “Touch of Blue”, Finalist. Fantasy Category, 2 paintings.

2023      Featured in Sedona Journal of Emergence, January, pages 43-45                            “You are Finding Home”. 

2022     Guest Trance Channel, Speaker “Channeling~ Importance in our Daily Life”  with host Moncef on his show Your Divine Uniqueness. 

2022      Featured in Sedona Journal of Emergence, July Edition, 2022                                     “It is Time to Celebrate, not Hesitate”.               

2022      Featured in Sedona Journal of Emergence,  April Edition, 2022                      “Shower in the Divine Feminine Energies of April”.

2021     Twist out Cancer, Brushes with Cancer, Austin

2021-    Artist interview in ARTISTcloseup-com 11/18/21

2021-    Featured in Sedona Journal of Emergence 2022 & Beyond Collectors Edition.

2021     Featured “Ascension Life”, spiritual ascension magazine, April 2021 “Art the Silent Healer”.

2021    Trance Channel, guest speaker “Channeling. It’s Phenomena. It’s Healing. It’s Grace. Being Guided by Love.  Cari Murphy’s Podcast, “Straight Talk for the Soul”.

2020    Guest Trance Channel “Birth Your Legacy, Divine2Divine” Masterclass Series, May with Danielle & Thoth.

2020    Guest Speaker, Channel, Healer ~July 23, “The Most Powerful Day of the Year” on Quantum Conversations with Lauren Galey’s show, Acoustic Health Mastery Empowerment Courses.

2019    Guest Speaker, Channel, Healer “Expanding Consciousness thru Channeling”, with Lauren Galey on Quantum Conversations, Acoustic Health Mastery Empowerment Courses.

2009-present   Body Mind Spirit Expos- Trance Channel~ Soul & Spirit Artist~ Healer~ Transformational Speaker. Nation Wide.

2005-present   Channeling Teacher, “The Anatomy of Authentic Voice Channeling Classes”.   Private Practice~ Trance Channel/Healer/Medium/~  Inter Dimensional Consciousness~ 

2005-Present   Full Time Studio Artist- Sheryl Ann Noday, “Art The Silent Healer”. Visionary oil paintings. Los Angeles, Chicago

2005-Present   The Anatomy of Authentic Voice Channeling- Teacher/Healer,  Los  Angeles, Chicago.

2001-2017       The Healing Power and Uses of Crystals, The Crystal Gallery Manager, Chicago

2016-2016       The Arts of Life, Summer Volunteer, Chicago

2004-2005       Discovery Center, The Art of Channeling- Teacher/Healer, Chicago.

2003-2008       Sheryl’s Chakra Smoothie-1st vegan smoothies Creator~ Producer. Los Angeles, Chicago.

2003-2003       Come Play With Clay Figure Sculpting- Teacher/Sculptor, Chicago.

2001-2002       Triangle Camera, Basic Darkroom Techniques- Teacher/Photographer, Chicago.

2000-2005        Melanee Cooper Gallery- Assistant Director & Gallery Manager,  Chicago.

1999-2000        Tech Graphics- Photography Studio Manager & Photographer,   Chicago.

1998-1999         Alaska Fine Art Gallery, Gallery Director, Chicago.

1998-1999         Big Deahl Studios- Studio Photographer, Chicago.

1990-now          Art The Silent Healer in Los Angeles.

1985-1998        Sheryl Noday Photography- Owner, Hollywood & Vine, LA .

Selected Exhibitions

2024        Kefir Art Gallery, curated Liza Zhurkovskaya, “Journey of the Soul”

2024         OH Art Foundation, Heritage Month exhibition, “Passage”.  Zhou B Art Center

2023         Brushes with Cancer Rolfe Foundation, Highland Park Art Center, Highland Pk.

2023         Fusions, “Color”, juried exhibition, online gallery.

2023         Stola Contemporary, “The Art of Protest”, juried group exhibtion, Chicago.

2023         Stola Contemporary “Angeles and Demons”. juried group exhibition, Chicago.

2022         Stola Contemporary, “Hope”, juried group exhibition, Chicago.

2022         WNDR Museum Benefit and Auction for Twist out Cancer, Chicago.

2022          LightSpace Time Gallery, “Landscapes” juried. Received Special Recognition Award.

2022          Reflections Gallery,  Auction for “Twist Out Cancer”,  Austin, Texas

2021           Stola Contemporary Art, “These are a Few of My Favorite Things”, juried group exhibition, Chicago.

2021           Fortunate Discovery’s, Chicago Gallery Representation.

2021           Brittany Davis Gallery “Thinking of You”, group exhibit,  LA, CA. 

2019           Gallery 1070  Peace, Love, Understanding

2019            Gallery 1070 “Eternal Spring”, juried group exhibition, Chicago, 

2019            Hive Gallery “Erotica”, juried group exhibition, Los Angeles, Ca.

2018           Life Force Arts Center, “Love & Wisdom: The Skills of Maturity”,    juried group exhibit. Chicago.

2017            Chi-Town 12×12 HOLIDAY Show Bucktown Gallery, Chicago.

2017            Divine Creative Synergy, group show,  Evanston, IL.

2016            Life Force Arts Center, “Art & The 9 Levels of Self”,  Chicago.

2016            The Hive Gallery, “Visionary Themed Show 2”, juried. LA, CA.                  

2016           Life Force Arts Center, “The Creative Soul: Art & The Sentient Being”,  juried exhibition, Chicago.

2015           Studio Visit Publication “Works in Progress”, Published by Arts Business Institute.

2015            Life Force Arts Center, ” The Spiritual Power of Art: Universal Energy”, juried exhibition, Chicago.

2015            Life Force Arts Center, “Life Force Wheel, The True Self”, juried exhibition, Chicago.

2014           Morpho Gallery, 9th Annual Emerging Artist, juried. Chicago.

2013            Saatchi Online 

 2013           Xanadu Gallery, accepted for inclusion on, “Xanadu Studios”

 2013           Manhattan Arts International, 8th Annual,”Celebrate the Healing  Power of Art”, juried exhibition, New York

 2013           F.I.R.E. Art Gallery, “Express”, “The Voices of Crystal Skull                Consciousness”, short film, juried exhibition, Naperville, IL.   

2013         Life Force Arts Center, “Energy to Iconography”, “The Voices of Crystal Skull Consciousness”, short film, juried exhibition, Chicago.

2013          Life Force Arts Center, “Spirit Guides”, juried exhibition, Chicago.

2012          Rehabilitation Inst. of Chicago at Northwestern University Lurie Center, “Art Futura: Art In Motion”, juried by James Rondeau,  Curator of  Contemporary Art at the Art Institute of Chicago.

2012         Alyce De Roulet Williamson Gallery at Art Center College of Design, Alumni Relations and the Photography & Imaging Department,

2012            Tribute to Helmut Newton, Group Show, Pasadena, CA.

2011            Life Force Arts Center, “Media & Mediums”, Festival of Spiritual Art, juried Festival.

2010          Chicago Artist Coalition, 12th Annual Chicago Art Open 2010, River East Art Center. Chicago.

2010           Swedish Covenant Hospital, “Dreams of Healing” , Art Exhibit is showcased on the Galter Medical Pavilion, 1st floor. Chicago.

2009            Life Force Arts Center, “The Spirit in Art”, Group Show and lecture on “Art The Silent Healer”, Chicago.

2009           Woman Made Gallery, “Cross Pollination”, juried by Laurel Delaney,Group Encaustic Show, Chicago.

2009          The Ferguson Art Gallery, Group Show in Kretzmann Hall at Concordia University, Chicago.

2007            Uncommon Ground Cafe, Two Person Show, Paintings, Chicago.

2007           4Art Inc. “PHASE IV” Guest Artist Sculpture, Chicago.

2006            Phuture Art Gallery, “Uneven Surfaces: Art beyond The Canvas”,  Chicago.

2006           Orleans Street Gallery , “She”- A Show Of Women, St. Charles, IL.

2005           Chicago Art Open 2005, 8th Annual.

2005          Around the Coyote Arts Festival, Annual Juried Festival, Chicago. The Garden as Gallery, Special Walking Tour, Juried by Doug Wood, “Botanical Themes”.

2005         The Anti-Cruelty Society Fifth Annual, Juror, Aldo Castillo, Chicago. “Animal Images”.

2005       ARC Gallery Educational Foundation,”The Chicago Solution Show”, juried by James Rondeau, Curator Art Institute of  Chicago.

2004          The Glamour of War, Gallery Chicago, Chicago.

2004          The Sunshine Gallery at Unity, Chicago. “Art The Silent Healer, New Works” Solo Show.

2004          Anti-Cruelty Society’s Fourth Annual Juried by Ed Pasche “Animal Images”.

 2004         Around the Coyote Arts Festival, Annual Juried Festival Chicago.

2004         Manhattan Arts Exhibition, New York, NY. “Herstory 2004”.

2003           Manhattan Arts Exhibition, New York, NY. Juror, Jill Conner “Small Works Exhibition”.

2003            Flat file Gallery, Chicago, IL. December group Show.

2003           Peace Museum, Permanent Collection, Chicago.

2003             Manhattan Arts Exhibition, New York, NY. Juror, Renee Phillips “The Healing Power of Art”.

2003             Theosophical Society in America, Chicago. Solo Show.

2002            Womanmade Gallery, Chicago, IL. “Holiday Bazaar”.

2002             Sunshine Gallery at Unity, Chicago. “Art the Silent Healer” Solo Show.

2002             Melanee Cooper Gallery, Chicago. “A Natures Way” 3 Person Show.

2002             Flat File Gallery, Chicago.” Unnatural Landscapes” 3 Person Show.

2001             Woman made Gallery “Eighth Annual Member’s Show”.

2001             Flat File Gallery, Chicago. “Prosaic Beauty”.

2001              Dr. Scholl College of Podiatry & Palette and Chisel Academy Exhibit, Chicago. “The Foot and Leg as Art”.

 2001            Flat File Gallery, Chicago.”Digital Vision”.

 2001            Flat File Gallery, Chicago.”Man/Woman/Child- Portraits of Others.

2000            Flat File Gallery, Chicago.”Zen”.

 2000           Flat File Gallery, Chicago.”Emotional Landscape”.

 2000          Chicago Southland Arts Incubator Union Street Gallery “Fifth Anniversary Exhibition”, “5”.

2000            Ort Technical Institute, Chicago Windy City Artist Inc. “Visions”.

 2000            Chicago School of Professional Psychology Gallery, Juror Janet Dublin. “Reflections of the Spiritual Self”.

1999            WomanMade Gallery, Chicago. “5th Annual Members Show”.

1999           North Shore Art League “Art Festival”.

1998            NBC Towers, Chicago, IL. “Swell Music Studios”.

1997            Atlantis Gallery, Malibu, CA. “The Art of Spirit”.

1997            Ferguson Fine Art Gallery “Group Show”, Los Angeles, CA.

1996            La Art Galleries.

                    “Installations 1” Woodland Hills, CA.

1996            “Installations 2” W. Hollywood, CA.

1996            “Installations 3” Los Angeles, CA.

1995              The Vortex Gallery, Woodland Hills, CA “Visionary Art”.

 1995             The Ensemble Gallery, Hollywood, CA “Group Show”.

Selected Publications:

2021          Sedona Journal of Emergence 2022 & Beyond.                                                             

2021           April Issue of Ascension Life.

2017           Sedona Journal of Emergence July 2017.

2016            Artsy Shark, “Art We Love” . 

2015            ABi Arts Business Institute Studio Visit, Works in Progress by Carolyn, ArtsyShark.

2010            “Soul to Soul Parenting”, Book Cover Art.

2009            Studio Visit Magazine, volume five, published by The Open Studio Press. A juried Selection of International Visual Artists.

1994             Entertainment, Cover art.

1985             Boz Magazine, Cover art, London, England.

Creative Age Publications, Cover art. Concord Records, Cover Art, Enigma Records CBS, Cover Art, Entrepreneur Magazine, Cover Art, Los Angeles Magazine, “Finds”. Meditation Magazine, Cover art. Neophonic Records, Cover art.Tele Poche, Cover art, Paris, Time Life Books, “Mysteries of the Unknown”. Where Magazine California, Cover art. Whole Life Times, Cover art.

Articles and Interviews

2020 Cari Murphy host “Straight Talk for the Soul”, featured guest, Sheryl Ann Noday, “Channeling, It’s Phenomena. It’s Healing. It’s Grace. Being Guided by Love.

2019 Quantum Conversations with host Lauren Galey “One of the many gifts of Channeling is growth”, featured guest Sheryl Ann Noday.

2018 Quantum Conversations host Lauren Galey “Expanding Consciousness through Channeling” with Sheryl Ann Noday.

10/16/1017     Purpose for Women International Radio Channel~8 Days to Global Oneness~Guest Channel, Sheryl Noday Channels Siria Family Live

6/19/2015      Bob Charles Show Pyramid One Sheryl Noday channels Siria Family

4/12/2013      Bob Charles Show Pyramid One, interview with guest Sheryl Noday, short film “The Voices of Crystal Skull Consciousness”

1/18/2013      Bob Charles Show Pyramid One, interview with guest Sheryl Noday speaking on Visionary Art and Channeling

4/15/2015      Lea Chapin Radio Show, Inspiration from Spirit, Special Guest, Sheryl Noday “The Anatomy of Authentic Voice Channeling”

08/2011          The Channel and The Painter written by Liz Baudler editor for Transcendent Journey Ezine with Life Force Arts Center

#5- 2009       “Spring Edition” – Studio Visit Magazine, juried competition.

03/2007         Interviewed by Dr. Shelley Kaehr “Beyond Reality Show”.

2005              “Reflections” Volume 1, Margaret L. Holmes, Publisher and Editor.

2004              “Small Work s Exhibition” – Review by Juror, Jill Conner.

2002              “Photo Exhibit Displays Beauty” – The Columbia Review, June issue.

2001               Painting with Computers” – The Chicago Journal, January issue.

Awards and Honors:

2022            Special Recognition “Landscapes” Painting and other media category. juried, LightSpace Time Gallery,

2021            DEAD: Departed Entering Another Dimension, Sheryl Ann Noday 1 of 3 Author’s. 

2012 & 2005   Three Time Recipient, juried by James Rondeau, Curator of Contemporary Art at the Art Institute of Chicago.

2004               “Herstory”, Manhattan Arts Showcase Award, New York.

2003                “The Healing Power of Art”, Manhattan Arts Showcase Award , New York.

2002               “Who’s Who of American Women”, 23rd Edition.

2000               “Who’s Who of American Women”, Midwest Millennium Edition.

2000               “Herstory”, Award of Artistic Excellence, Manhattan Arts, NYC

1997-               “Outstanding Achievement in Poetry”, Presented by The National Library of Poetry

1997                “Discovery Award in Photography”, CA.

1996                “Discovery Award in Painting”, CA.

1995                 “Discovery Award in Painting”, CA.

1993                “Bronze Award for “Mixed Media”, Boston, MA.

1991                 “Recipient of Seven Key Art Awards”, Hollywood, CA.

Corporate Collections:

1994 – ABC Entertainment

1985 – Fox-TV, HBO, Entertainment Tonight, Lancome ,Long Beach Symphony, NBC Entertainment


2015-2015      Palette & Chisel Academy of Fine Arts, Portrait Drawing with Steven Assael.

2012-2015      Palette & Chisel Academy of Fine Arts, Chicago. Oil Painting

2007-2010     Art Institute of Chicago, Completion of the Certificate in Drawing.

2006-2006     Evanston Art Center, Evanston, IL. Who’s Afraid To Abstract, Painting.

2005-2005     Around the Coyote, Chicago. Abstracting the Landscape, Painting.

2004-2004     Painting Intensive with Alex Grey

2004-2004     Chicago Printmakers Collaborative, Chicago. Printmaking.

2002-2003     Palette & Chisel Academy of Fine Arts, Chicago. Sculpture.

1998-2002     Palette & Chisel Academy of Fine Arts, Chicago. Contour Drawing.

1996-1997     Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, CA. Figure Drawing.

1982-1986     Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, CA. BFA in Photography.

1980-1982     Long Beach State University, Long Beach, CA. Photography.

1977-1979      El Camino College, Torrance, CA. Photography and Art History.


Sheryl Noday’s artwork has has been collected worldwide