Its a beautiful experience to know there is no end to life, but instead a new life that meets us, waits for us as we return to Spirit. I am thrilled that this subject is gaining popularity and have found that no matter what a person’s beliefs are, they are either interested or intrigued by conversations with dearly departed loved ones.

In this way, I respond as a medium which is exactly as the name reveals. I am half here and half there in a sense. I connect to the individual and begin to relay the messages they have for you. Another way I work is that I bring forth in a channeling sense the Being that is being called upon. IN other words the Soul speaks through me to communicate with family members. Often times healing occurs through the use of my own body mirroring the symptoms, issues, complications upon death. This is incredibly healing for the one that has transitioned as well as remaining family members. What I would like for people to know that this again is a most loving experience, similar to speaking with Siria Family through me, but different in that you are speaking with a relative that was once physical. No two sessions are ever, even remotely similar. I have found that instead of the Beings finding lost objects or proving what someone had for dinner the previous night is certainly not what they come for. But instead to love.

The Soul always wants to grow which ever side of the veil we find ourselves. This form healing, direct Soul to Soul contact and communication provides a comfort, a sense of peace that many say go beyond words. I have been honored to be witness to phenomenal healing with Mothers who have lost children, families whom have lost members, unexpected transitions, the grieving therein, the healing that follows.

Testimonial Hi Sheryl, I wanted to thank you for such a wonderful mediumship experience with Jesus, Mother Mary and Mary of Magdalene.  It is difficult to go into details now, but I feel that many things that were holding me back as a person, healer etc have been diminished. Thank you so much for being such a great generator of light and of such great support for me and everyone you meet!

I am honored and blessed that Spirit is working with me and through me to be of service and offer this form of healing.

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