Here is what happens in your session: Greetings, first and foremost I connect with my Higher Self and then connect to you sharing healing light and love. This energy treatment is shared by the use of my hands moving in congruency with the energy. Often  folks report a myriad of blissful feelings. The energy being shared is unique to each and every Soul.  With toning,  healing sound vibrations can lift one to a state of Higher Self and euphoria. Next is the drawing,  please read below as I have outlined all the forms and how the energies can expresses itself.

Angels, Higher Self, Inner Child Self, Spirit Guides, Soul and Star Selves, even Future Selves are all part of our journey here on planet Earth. These Beings share themselves , expose themselves to us in a myriad of loving ways. Have you ever wondered what these Beings may look like and the healing messages they have for you? In your personal session I connect to you and Spirit, creating a intuitive work of art that is uniquely yours. The drawings are made with “conte” chalks on heavy canvas paper offering a timeless quality. I believe that when we open our hearts to Spirit we can connect to more divine experiences than we have ever known. 

In this way its is love that make life worth livingIn some cases Spirit mirrors the energy you both share, other times healing’s occur as the drawing is being made. People have shared the most beautiful stores with me: “When my Guide was being drawn I had a tingling in my third eye”. ” I have had a pain in my back for many months and watching my Guide come to life through the drawing the pain vanished”. The drawing serves as a portal, each and every time you view the art you will gain new insights diving you deeper into your own personal power. This can especially be achieved by meditating on the drawing. I would love to share this with you! This can be done by either visiting me at an upcoming expo or email me, for a appointment.

This is what I do and love to do! Connecting people with the beautiful unseen.   

Interested in having a Soul & Spirit portrait of your own?

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“I know you meet many people throughout your work.  I met you last month at the Milwaukee Mind, Body, Spirit expo.  At the time, I was re-awakening from a very tough year.  My meeting with you was overwhelming and comforting.  It gave me answers as well as more questions that I knew I needed to figure out.  It has been a little over a month since then and my world seems flipped entirely upside down—in a positive way.  I have continued to meditate.  I have been learning, listening and journaling.  I am now wide open to the truth of existence and the truth of my existence.  I want to thank you for being someone who understood me for that moment and helped me feel at ease enough to move forward with my journey.  I was very scared that day.  And I still am a little.  But most of all I feel a connection. So thank you for taking the time to sit with me.  And thank you for taking the time to access my energy and feel something in me that I didn’t understand or know yet.  I truly appreciate it.” Tera