The younger self, the self you were as a child, the inner child are all names, labels for the iconic healing that can unfold. A step most want to skip, this is a step certainly not to be missed. This stage of life positions itself as upmost important upon the path of growth and healing. Many want to say, “well its in the past”, “I have already let it go”, etc, etc. The list goes on and on. However for the Seer, the one going for the gold nugget of healing. The Inner Child holds the key to all healing. 

It wasn’t long into my growth of healing that I began to have dreams of my little girl within. That was over 35 years ago. I have never regretted getting to know her, embracing her and sharing intimacy beyond what I could of imagined at that time. To have a life with one’s inner child paves the way for life a wonderous magic. 

I can help you do the same. With over 36 years of experience I am confident. Along with Spirit can lead you to your hidden secrets which can then be transformed to your greatest treasures. Healing and transformation are far greater than giving oneself daily affirmations. I invite you to journey with me to the bridge of healing the Inner Child, your younger self. Watch your life unfold in the most magical of ways for its this self that holds the key to the imagination and therefore the miracles in life.

I look forward to being your guide in a step many want to miss, many want to avoid.

I look forward to your magical healing with The One and Only Inner Child.

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