I just wanted to write a quick thank you for the portrait you made for me at the Expo on Sunday (the Geisha girl) and the time you spent to explain to me about her purpose and why I am currently in the Boston area. I think it gave me a lot of clarity about my current situation and I’m very glad for all the information you were able to pass to me. Best wishes to you and thanks once again, Jeremy

I received the drawing today! It was in great condition and looks beautiful! My sister was really surprised and absolutely loved it!! Thank you so much! You have such an amazing gift!

The expo was my first experience ever being in the presence of people who understood something I hadn’t fully grasped.  My meeting with you was overwhelming and comforting.  It gave me answers as well as more questions that I knew I needed to figure out.  It has been a little over a month since then and my world seems flipped entirely upside down—in a positive way.  I have continued to meditate.  I have been learning, listening and journaling.  I am now wide open to the truth of existence and the truth of my existence.  I want to thank you for being someone who understood me for that moment and helped me feel at ease enough to move forward with my journey.  I was very scared that day.  And I still am a little.  But most of all I feel a connection. I feel like I am starting a very exciting journey and you were part of that. So thank you for taking the time to sit with me.  And thank you for taking the time to access my energy and feel something in me that I didn’t understand or know yet. I truly appreciate it. Tera

Sheryl is a kind and loving human being who channels a loving consciousness called Siria Family.  Siria Family has given me insight and ways to reframe situations as well as evoking healing in my life for years.  I probably have only had one session per year for the last 10 years, and yet it has been more effective for me that any other therapy and counseling I’ve had.  There is so much empowerment and love that happens and I can reflect on, that I am able to “love myself more” as  Siria Family would say. I think it takes an open person to receive this special kind of healing, as well as confidence in one’s self.  I have had moments of doubt in the process, since it isn’t traditional or as mainstream as confiding in someone face to face.  Yet, each time I have a session, my life is filled with more light and love.  The results of that are more self empowerment and healing in my life.  The traditional therapy sessions I have had only led me to go back every week and unwind my thinking and emotions.  My work with Siria Family has gone quite a bit deeper, caused me to not only to have faith in that process but myself.  Ultimately, that is what I’m attracted to: people being more loving. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to attest to the power of this healing. Love, Linda

The last reading was one of my favorite one because I felt such a great connection to them. Thanks again for being such a great friend and teacher! Blessings, David

Thank you for the gift of these sessions with you and the group – literally and spiritually changed me forever. C. Dooley

Sheryl, You are such a lovely teacher and I love your response. I love how you remember my dream of the feather head dress from years ago….one of the more powerful dreams I’ve had. Amber

Thank you Sheryl, It was an amazing experience!

Dear Sheryl,  Please always remember that you are a Goddess and the Sirians have chosen you to channel and represent them, as well as the Dolphins and whatever other Spirit Master(s) as well. That is a very high honor and I am honored to be one of your friends. In Love, Light, and Blessings Mark  

Words cannot express how appreciative I am to have crossed paths with Sheryl Noday. A gifted teacher on so many levels, both her classes and private sessions have had a profound impact on my perspective, and therefore, my life. Sheryl’s capacity to channel is truly inspired. Her other talents as an intuitive healer, artist, photographer and now filmmaker touch so many, as well. I highly recommend Sheryl’s work. She is a gift to our world and beyond. ~Annie Burnside, Award-winning Author of Soul to Soul Parenting

Sheryl, It was a pleasure meeting you as well!  Your heart is so full of love and light. I love that about you. You see many sides of people but don’t seem to judge or look down upon them. I appreciate that more than you know. I will take your advice to heart and the messages you gifted me with and try to fulfill my life’s purpose. I hope to see you again soon. A.Born

Sheryl, I want to thank you so much for all of the insights and all of the knowledge that you’ve given me and all of the help that I feel certain helped me to get through these recent times and also will greatly help me in all the times to come. Thank you so much again and I am certain I will see you again. Marilyn

My personal experiences with Siria Family have been profound channeling experiences. These souls that come through Sheryl are extraordinary wise teachers They have a knack for transmitting the exact information one needs to hear for one’s own Soul  Growth. Their teachings are clear, complete, reflective, and gentle. Yet they push one to look further and reach a bit out of one’s current comfort zone. Gently guiding one to look inward and grow a bit more. I have done individual sessions with Sheryl both in person and by phone and have attended the monthly group sessions which I adore!! The personal sessions provide a more intimate time to focus on one’s individual lessons and current past – life influences. Each individual seession I have done (maybe one or two a year) have been life – altering expereiences for me. They have unmistakable connected me to powerful past- life lessons and status-quo energies and ways of being in the world that may be helpful for me to look at clearly, examine with love, embrace the lessons with courage, and choose with courage to change a particular pattern which no longer serves my highest good. This can be both scary and a bit difficult as many of these patterns one can carry forward for many lifetimes. But the exploration is gentle and quite guided by both wisdom and love!!! The group sessions are a bit different as there are others to participate with but they are just as profound. And the group energy is always different and listening to other’s life lessons always mirrors a point of growth for oneself. The group meditations following led by spirit are the most deep and profound meditations I have ever experienced. Which is always helpful on may levels!! I have been so grateful to find a channeler who is so clear, ego-less, and channels such high level guides. It has been and continues to be such a joy to interact with both Sheryl and Siria Family. I treasure these experiences!!!  My continued thanks and love to both Sheryl and Siria Family!!! Heather L. Carsello

Hi Sheryl, I wanted to thank you for such a wonderful experience with Jesus, Mother Mary and Mary of Magdalene.  It is difficult to go into details now, but I feel that many things that were holding me back as a person, healer etc have been diminished. Thank you so much for being such a great generator of light and of such great support for me and everyone you meet! Blessings, David

Sheryl, in this moment I have to tell you how much I honor and love you! You are truly my mentor and guiding light! It is important to me to express my sincere gratitude to you so that you know the impact that your gifts have bestowed on me. I will be looking with total anticipation for our next interlude! Until then, my dear friend… With great Love and Blessings! Leslie

Hi Sheryl, I’m a big fan of your work and your intention. Take care and keep up your important healing work, Renee

And by the way, YOU are amazing!! Thanks, Sheryl!!

Thank you much for your reading and artwork, she’s been very helpful!

Hi Sheryl,
Just watched your film and it was really profound.  Hearing your voice sing at the end sent shivers down my spine.  Thank you for the spiritual work you do. I recently purchase an Amazonite skull from the crystal shop down your street.  He sits by my computer and I hold him everyday. I would not have know about
These wonderful spirits unless I learned of them from you. Love,

Very cool movie!  Loved it!  Thanks for sharing it with me!!!  Great visuals!!!  Great messages!!! Francis

Hi, well done !!! great job !!! you got to be feeling good about this…………thanks for including “us” into it……..Marta

WOW! What an artist/photographer/light channel you are! BEAUTIFUL!

I only wish that you had made that statement “As an artist and a trance channel” at the beginning of the video rather than at the end, because that would have set a special connection to you.
But it was beautiful, awesome, and glorious nevertheless. I am really impressed with the creativity and technological capacity you and your partner had together.
WOW again.  Thanks, Love,

Dear Sheryl, I read this to Kerwin, he is in awe. I will always be grateful, the peace i feel. We had just bought natural stuff for her too! We bought the lavender you suggested too. You do know this now and are so correct that Meadow is sooo wise she is not a dog or will be no longer. She is a master in the animal kingdom and i felt she was in this life to transform/evolve not only to be taught but to teach. You have helped my thoughts now because i kept seeing her and waiting for her to die. I was trying to envision her healthy and whole as Spirit was instructing me but looking at her infected tumor which numbed her face and lumps in her throat(can spirit stop the growth?) it was hard to “see” beyond that. Meadow thanks you. We are going for a walk today and picnic in the mountains! Please send me your address. We are mailing you something. Xoxo ( i know you do not want anything but please i want you address:)) Chris

Although it is almost impossible to put everything in words that you and Siria Family have done for me in just a few short months…I am going to try. Through your help and guidance and your incredible healing powers I have literally transformed into a much happier, more balanced and empowered person. Little did I know how much “baggage” I was carrying around with me…once the healing started I started feeling lifted and A LOT lighter. I am able to see, feel and understand everything within me and surrounding me. What’s most important is that I have found a deep sense of self love. My aura has been cleaned and my path has been opened, and even when faced with obstacles they are no longer an obstacle but an opportunity to create something that’s good for ME. I feel a great shift in and around myself. Again, it is impossible to describe what all you and Siria have done for me.  Simply put it’s magical! Love and appreciation,
N. Bell

Dearest Sheryl, Thank you so much for this beautiful message. Your support means so much to me and has helped me more than I can ever express in language. Your class and your guidance has been a beacon of light to me ever since I met you and attended my first Siria Family channeling. It has been a turbulent period in my life, but so full of rewards because I’ve learned to accept the guidance of spirit and to know that every step I take I am walking my path, and can’t do otherwise. It has been a real joy to be in your vibration. Love, Anita

Siria Family touched me in ways that I can not find the words to describe. To say that it was helpful would be trivial. It was a mind blowing experience, one that will stay with me for many years  Francis. Los Angeles

Dear Sheryl, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart…the reading I had with you last night was out of this world…thank that Siria Family again for me, it really helped me so much mostly in believing in myself and giving me relief to know I am going in the right direction…I can’t thank you enough!!!!! Much Universal Love and Light,
Jeannette, Enfield, CT.

The Channeling Class offered me an invitation to discover a whole new awareness and knowing of myself. The experience and learning’s were like being handed a kaleidoscope and being shown how to bring it into focus. I trust myself and the decisions that I make a lot more than I did and I have discovered that I am much more rich and wise than I ever knew. Thank you. Anne Marie, 

Siria Family are incredibly wise teachers who share their message with great love, patience and humor! I am very grateful to have them in my life, Prem.

Siria Family responds by a critical view that is never negative. The loving insight of this being helped to get me through the darkest hours of my life. Mary Behrendt.

Siria Family has been my friend and guide for a long time–a long, long time. I have received life-changing information and unconditional love and support and will continue to turn to Siria Family for hope and joy. Virginia Palmer, Santa Monica, CA

Words cannot express the amount of love that Siria Family brings to every meeting with them. I have grown dramatically as a result of what they have taught me, including how to grow with elegance rather than through pain and struggle. Jennifer Paul, Chicago

Life Enhancing sessions, processes and insights given in a caring, loving and humorous way. Just what I need, when I need it, with lasting results. Whether in person or on the phone, Sharyl’s exuberance of spirit radiates…and she along with Siria Family has helped me do the same. It is always a joy to work with Siria Family’s pure light and love. Celia, Wyoming

Siria Family’s commitment in communication with us is to help facilitate the expansion and rise of human consciousness so we can create Heaven on Earth. Siria Family interacts with non physical energy patterns and help empower us to overcome obstacles which block your spiritual and emotional growth. Dave Riddle, Chicago

Sheryl and Siria Family provide a loving, non-judgmental environment to allow for questions of spiritual growth. This is not the session for someone who would simply like their fortune read. Rather this is an interactive meeting of the minds to help one learn and achieve their goals and life purpose.
They have aided me in attaining a level of peace and spiritual growth in my life that I had no idea was available and their work with me on past life resolution has been invaluable. Jen Escoubas, Chicago

Thank you again for a profound session on Saturday. My life and body are changed~I can feel it. The effects are rippling out one moment at a time, and the increase in inner peace that I feel is noticeable. Such  Gratitude, Gwynneth

I was a new initiate to channeling. When I first read a description of Siria Family through an event at Life Force Arts Center I was initially skeptical. But an intense curiosity and desire to try something new was too strong to ignore. Like most people, my perception of channeling was tainted by sensationalized movie séances and TV shows in which the audience talked to loved ones who have transitioned. It was too theatrical for me and I perceived the process to be more about the persons’ ego than about being in presence of Spirit.

Sitting in the audience, when Siria Family first came through Sheryl I immediately noticed what I was feeling. As much as I wanted to hang on to old beliefs, I felt something melt then open up and soften. I admit I was initially shocked at how any resistance to believe quickly faded and I was transported to a different space- one of feeling unconditionally loved, held and perfectly safe. Siria family was so witty, so eloquent and had a way of weaving stories and concepts that really crystallized my understanding of why certain events were happening in my life. They were able to accurately elaborate on information that I didn’t mention about events at work that surprised me. I have been following those nuggets of insight and feel a new direction in my vocation beginning to bloom. It was the push I needed to begin moving out of my work rut and possibly the creation of a new job after being in the same one for fifteen years.

After that first experience, I was ready to dive into personal sessions with Siria Family. After having tried conventional talk therapy, this form of personal work is by far more profound because it gets me out of my head and more into following the message of the heart. I have attended many, many workshops that have given me tools to do inner exploration but I feel the ideas suggested through a channeling session were divinely crafted for me. It is as if they knew what I would really follow through with and not another technique that gathers dust. Simple but effective! Sheryl and her loving guides have also facilitated helping to remember why I chose to be born at this time and what patterns in previous lives have influenced some propensities and life choices today. The session usually does not start off with this intention but with a minor complaint or concern that unfolds into an elaborate past life memory recall. These recollections piece together so many “weird” things I couldn’t explain about myself but can finally be validated. Sheryl and Siria Family have prepared me to increase the divine synchronicities of my path and I am eternally grateful and in such awe of my new self-empowerment!

I love the adventure and mystery of raising my awareness and consciousness through a co-collaboration with Spirit. Sheryl is so enthusiastic, delightfully warm, humble, and genuine that her approach to channeling has given me a new appreciation of this form of healing. The more I become immersed in this particular way of merging with Spirit- the more it feels familiar and natural- like this was how we were meant to “understand” our true selves. After you take the leap, prepare to leave boring behind!With All My Heart,
Mary Ann Sornito


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  3. “More Than Magic” book written by Olga Bicos, acknowledges celebrates channeling with Siria Family.
  4. Sheryl appeared as a a guest on “Beyond Reality ERadio Show” interviewed by Dr. Shelley Kaeher.
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“The Channel and The Painter”, an interview with Sheryl Noday by Liz Baudler on LFA’s online journal Pantheon