Meet Sheryl

Hi, I am Sheryl, thank you for visiting my site and taking the time in getting to know what I offer. I am a channel, intuitive healer, speaker/educator and visionary artist.

I along with my partners in Spirit known as Siria Family have been leading the one and only channeling class in the midwest with a focus on healing the inner self in concert with ones own set of guides for the past 15 years. I am a full trance channel for Siria Family, to say it has been a pleasure is certainly a understatement. It has been a joy that continues to fill my heart. I am thrilled to share with you many of our students are out there in the world channeling their own guides with integrity and service. However, many choose to keep their relationship with Spirit as something more private and intimate. No matter what your desires are, it is your choice. I would be so happy to be your guide on this sacred journey.

I love to channel! I am starting to write a book on the subject as I believe there is nothing like it and yet, still even in our modern world, so misunderstood. I love to explain in ways that expel the mystery and bring channeling into the mainstream. 

My move to Chicago was life changing! Although part of my heart never really left LA, I found such a rich experience in Chicago. Many times people have asked me why did I move from Malibu? The truth is Spirit brought me to Chicago. I would realize why down the road. It was to make a invisible map in Chicago. The Channeling Map, gosh feeling blessed for sure!.  

I have been a artist all of my life and working in a variety of mediums...(no pun intended). As a teenager I found myself always with camera in hand and photographing the neighbors. My dream was to become a photographer in which I did. I attended the world prestigious Art Center College of Design and received a BFA in photography at a time very few women were shooting. I stayed with that medium until I became obsessed with painting, well it was always there but I chose to focus on one medium at a time. So I put the camera down and allowed myself a new love affair at the At Institute of Chicago and the historic Palette & Chisel focusing on drawing and painting. I felt such freedom in being able to express the spiritual in which I so longed for. By this time (and really long before) I was already channeling professionally. What I mean by that is, I was doing it as a profession, it was sustaining myself and others since 1990. 

I am a second generation artist. The idea of creativity and expression was always prevalent in my life. I feel blessed for that! My art has been shown all over the world. I never take it for granted, but always thrive on stretching myself as well as our channeling students. As a result I am always birthing new ways to express and share the words and messages from Spirit. In that way, my most recent contribution is that which I call Soul & Spirit Portraits which combine my love of channeling and art. Simply stated, I am a "human spirit guide" channeling, healing and making art about those ideas. Please check out Soul & Spirit Portraits, Magical Realism Paintings under the Visionary Art tab on the welcome page.  Please reach out if you would like one of your own. 

I want you to know you can trust me. I have been doing what I offer for a long, long time. Be it channeling Siria Family, (I channeled them in ancient Egypt)  or a Mediumship session or Energy treatment or a Painting or Soul & Spirit Portrait, please know, I have been at it many, many lifetimes. You may wonder so why do it again? And that is because in this life time I bring not only a history with me of expertise but my own "her story" in excellence. When you hire me for any of my services you gift me and in return i give to you. Its ways a two way street. 

Whether that be in any service I offer, I do care about your experience with me, with us. I operate from love as I truly believe love is what makes life worth living.

And last but not least I want you to know I am trained in both trance channeling, healing and medium ship. My intensive training,  began in my home state and lead to a move across the United States to bring about the light of Sirius to a new region. My training with the Unseen had a important focus on healing the self first. I was immersed in trauma processes and realignment for years.  This brought a compassion within me to give back and help others. No matter what another is going through, I offer to you a safe platform. Healing sets the tone for all that is peaceful in our life. I am extremely passionate about this work.

I love everything that I do and again I thank you for if you are still reading this, I share my love with you for taking the time and interest. Go ahead and reach out. I await our connection.

Thank you!


A gifted trance channel/ medium, healer, and art maker, Sheryl brings a spiritual alchemy which facilitates Love Consciousness. Sheryl is a graduate of Art Center College of Design and The Art Institute of Chicago. She is certified in Channeling, Energy Anatomy, Hands on Healing, Subconscious Re patterning, Energies of the Etheric Field, Vocal Channeling and Channeling Teacher. She holds a position on the Board for Certification on Trance Channeling in Los Angeles, California. Sheryl is the sole channel for Siria Family, a vortex of Light Energy Beings that have come together originating from the brightest star in our sky, Sirius.  Sheryl's Guides create a ensemble, a family of love and light. The Light Language they speak is the tone of pure healing and love. She has an renowned international practice which expands nearly 3 decades offering private consultations, classes, and workshops. Sheryl's channeling is dedicated to the “art of healing" by looking at the depth of soul's issues, offering unique perspectives to ignite the "spark of divine consciousness within”, thereby dismantling the illusion of separation. New realities emerge! Miracles shine through! Shinning a light on the idea, "Life is but a Dream".

Siria Family was invited to speak on “Grounding the Environment” at Chicago’s Green Fest in 2011 at the nationally acclaimed Mc Cormick Place, the first festival of this kind to present trance channeling and to introduce the Light Language of Siria Family. Sheryl channeled Siria Family in Los Angeles at "The Gateway Portal" for the major solstice of our life time, "Celebrate the Shift, Be the Shift", 12/21/2012.  Sheryl is a facilitator bringing through ground breaking healing that speak of universal light, a light language focusing on the spirit, the mental, emotional and physical to realign, remove, restore and repair. A vibrant clairvoyant, Sheryl experiences through visions ones energy field where energetic adjustments are being made helping others to live more profound integrated lives. The love and compassion shared through Sheryl has assisted people across the globe encouraging living life rather than the fear of it. She is the founder of “Art The Silent Healer”, creating visionary paintings and Soul & Spirit Portraits, drawings whereby each piece is a portal an invitation into ones own Soul.  She is a three time Recipient, juried by James Rondeau, Curator of Contemporary Art at the Art Institute of Chicago. She has produced, directed and channeled, the first channeling film on crystal skulls, whereby the skulls speak for themselves "The Voices of Crystal Skull Consciousness", a short film. She has been interviewed on the subject of Trance Channeling, Crystal Skulls, Visionary Art, and is a frequent writer for newsletter publications on "Stones for Healing". Sheryl's channeling is used in book publications and reference materials. She was one of the channel/mediums interviewed for the Nostradamus Books with famed author Dolores Cannon. Sheryl has initiated and created the first channeling classes in the midwest, 15 years strong, "The Anatomy of Authentic Voice Channeling”. One of Sheryl’s passion is educator and teacher. Her classes have been a platform and bridge for many others as a chosen career path. Sheryl is currently channeling and teaching, birthing new channels and making art about those ideas!  She is working on a channeling book, mystical retreats, visionary art and ongoing classes.

She has studied with mystics, healers and teachers internationally and holds degrees and certificates in the following areas:

• Certified as a active Full Trance Channel and Channeling Teacher holding a position on the board for Certification of Trance Channeling in Los Angeles, California.
• Aum Center of Metaphysics, Study of Psychometry, Mediumship and Spiritual Growth
• Graduate, The Center for Personal Transformation: Full Trance Voice Channeling, Mediumship, Trauma Release and Intensive in Personal Growth. A 10 year study with Shawn Randall and Torah.
• Certified: The Messengers of Light. Courses 1.11 & 111. TCHI Transpersonal Center of Holistic Integration- Etheric, Mental, Emotional and Physical Healing. The study of Anatomy, Hands on Healing, Energy Removal and Replacement, Chakra Balancing, Automatic Writing, Automatic Painting, Voice Channeling and Mediumship. Intensive study with Brazilian Healer, Fatima Castro.
• Private Study and Personal Education with:
◦ "Friend" channeled by Stephan Hewitt, Spiritual Counselor.
◦ "Bashar" channeled by Darryl Anka "Blueprint for Change."
◦ Dr. Ray Castellino, Womb Surrounding Work.
◦ Dr. Maurice Rapkin, Subconscious Patterns and Realignment
• Communicating with Animals, Penelope Smith and Carol Schultz

Life Statement
I remember the day as if it were yesterday that I met spiritual guidance. I was five years old and I was given a message by a female Being. She brought her face over my right shoulder and it left an impression that came from another world almost as if one would press their face against silk or fabric. I actually saw her, felt her, and heard her voice.
I went and did exactly what she said and that was the first time that I had a conscious memory of receiving messages from another plane. Following the advice of this being was what I needed to do, because it helped someone. This, of course, changed and colored my life. Even though I was young, I was now touched. Later on when my life developed I never forgot these special moments and by now many more had taken place. I always knew and felt these spiritual beings were around me. I became fascinated with the other side, past lives, and the universe.
Life as a teenager brought swarms of creative expression and my desire to bring forth these feelings into the art that I was making. During this time I was taking a psychometry class and my teacher stated one evening during class, "Sheryl, I'd like to talk with your spirit guides." I replied with an "okay," and then she guided me to a trance space. I saw two beings male and female enter my energetic field, come through me and speak. The feeling was of complete peace and love that was beyond words. Another seed had been planted. It was not until many years later that I began a full intense study by examining my interior, personal healing of the subconscious mind, the understanding, application of channeling by a myriad of teachers in Los Angeles. I stayed in that loving cocoon of energy and friendship with both physicals and spirit for over a decade.  I was a commercial photographer living in Los Angeles at the time and was studying channeling, metaphysics, and healing.

And so it is to this very day that I am still fascinated by the unseen, the mystical other, and the creative. The visible and invisible, and how they continuously play and love together, is my chosen path of life. It is the path that I have walked from the day of being five when the seed was planted. My life's work has been to reprogram/heal myself, to embrace myself as a channel/healer, to walk in oneness with my Higher Self extending this forward in teaching, channeling/ healing and artistic beauty for others to respond to thereby lifting Souls to hearts grace.