Open Forum Group Channeling~ “Live Trance Channeling with Siria Family”

I invite you to experience a evening of channeling with Beings of Light called

The focus of Siria Family’s message is metaphysical, transformational and
based on the belief that “We Create Our Own Reality”, thus life is but a
DREAM! Siria Family teachings are about love with a focus on healing, the spiritual,mental, emotional and physical bodies by close examination of our

Siria Family often enters our world with loud vibrational healing tones as these are the
songs of Sirius, a light language. During this vocal transmission people
share they feel lifted and report feelings of euphoria.

“Siria Family”. This is a “gallery session” where members of the audience can
ask and receive answers to questions about their lives. In this
channeling session, spirit speaks through me while I am in a deep trance
state of consciousness. This allows these loving beings who refer to
themselves as Siria Family to come through. They are not a traditional
family in a sense as we would recognize, but are a vortex of Light
Energy Beings, non-physical, galactic in a sense. Siria Family works
with us to encourage personal responsibility and soul growth as we dive
deeper into the matrix of creating our own reality.

I have been in connection with Siria Family since the beginning of my
Earth lives. This experience is very loving and embracing. I would love
for others to experience unconditional love and healing in this way.

Siria Family enters our world with loud vibrational healing tones, as this is
the Sirian way. This sharing of Light raises the vibration and is a
Blessing. When they begin to speak, they give a message that comes from
them reading the collective group energy, to be followed by questions
from individual attendees. Then based on the evenings questions and
sharing’s, the session finishes with Siria Family weaving a unique
meditation that is always original and found to be quite healing and
shifting of energies.

I have have been channeling Siria Family for the nearly 3 decades throughout the United States.

I hope to see you for a evening of growth, love and laughter as community
gathers celebrating with those of like heart and like mind.

Testimonial- Experience
a wonderful spiritual healing with Sheryl and Siria Family! If there is
anything you want to change and improve in your life–any “stuck”
places–this is the event that can do it for you energetically.”– Joan
Forest Mage, Executive Director of Life Force Arts Center.

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