Open Forum Channeling Now on Zoom and Public, meaning a local venue in person~

I invite you to experience channeling with Beings of Light called Siria Family.

For our Zoom Open Forums as well as live in person pubic channeling, I will be channeling the main Beings I give voice to. I say main Beings because there are others that do speak through me, but with events such as these the Beings known as Siria Family will come and speak with the group.  Being in the presence of Siria Family you are always met with such love and respect.  Channeling Siria Family is my love, one of the reason’s I was born. And I might add its not the only life I have channeled them, but did you know we have been together since the beginning of my earth’s experience? They are indeed the one’s I channeled in ancient Egypt as well. Channeling may look easy and certainly feel that way to one that is in the presence of this phenomena. But I do share this with you. Channeling is a skill and a art in and of itself that can take years to learn, to cultivate and to channel authentically. If interested please see our classes page.

 Who is Siria Family you might ask? (please see Siria Family page too) A Vortex of Light Energy Beings, Angelic, Inter dimensional, outside of our solar system, and very connected to earth, a concert of my Guides coming together into a single voice, a single tone, a single Being. To capsulate them into a word is challenging.  Siria Family always enters our realm with loud vibrational tones that are quite lifting of energy, healing in that way. They will then speak on a topic to be followed by your questions. Our power is that we are creators and Siria Family reminds us of this most beautifully. In this way you will find they rarely make predictions because their role is to help us heal and empower us rather than tell us how to live. People have aha moments, shifts to the higher self spontaneously occur and people find hope again. In our time together Siria Family always weaves a glorious meditation based on the attendees questions and answers given.  We so welcome you to this kind of learning, to this kind of loving, to the beauty of channeling.

The focus of Siria Family’s message is metaphysical, transformational and
based on the belief that “We Create Our Own Reality”, thus life is but a
DREAM! Siria Family teachings are about love with a focus on healing, the spiritual,mental, emotional and physical bodies by close examination of our
interior. During this vocal transmission people
share they feel lifted and report feelings of euphoria. This is a “gallery session” where members of the audience can
ask and receive answers to questions about their lives. In this
channeling session, spirit speaks through me while I am in a deep trance
state of consciousness. This allows these loving beings who refer to
themselves as Siria Family to come through. They are not a traditional
family in a sense as we would recognize, but are a vortex of Light
Energy Beings, non-physical, galactic in a sense.

We so hope to see you there! With love, Sheryl~  Siria Family Channel

Testimonial- “Experience
a wonderful spiritual healing with Sheryl and Siria Family! If there is
anything you want to change and improve in your life–any “stuck”
places–this is the event that can do it for you energetically.”– Joan
Forest Mage, Executive Director of Life Force Arts Center.

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Group Sessions: Interested in setting up a personal group with a specific topic? Yes, please email me to discuss details at [email protected]