I am moved by all of life, life itself is my canvas. The volume of emotions even lack therein stimulate me in ways that I seek to discover the soul and spirit by what I am engaged with. Rather than subscribe to a particular icon, subject or ideology it is the movement within that guides me when I paint. Its a risky way to work, it challenges me to stay focused, to be centered, to listen to the silence in a time that is booming with noise. My moments of pure happiness is when I am lost in the moment, lost in my imagination. Although sometimes I work from drawings, my preferred method is one of spontaneity and fluidity. I love to feel the paint often working through a myriad of emotions and feelings. Love and fear are two energies I am intimate with. And then, a gentle dance begins, and I find a new rhythm. In that way my authentic self is born. I point my brush in a direction to capture the essence, soul of my subjects, not really a direct likeness. Perhaps to give the viewer a sense of connection, a sense of timelessness to enter the art and be part of it. Between, mysticism, dreams and reality my aim is for my paintings to mark the transition point in healing. I am interested in all energies beneath the surface, the subconscious and the unknown. I often go back in time even project into the future to create something new. My dream is that my art creates joy, happiness and love dismantling illusion, thereby creating a platform of awareness to see our similarities rather than our differences. My wish for the viewer is to become engaged in the painting, to be suspended in the now, in a state of becoming and to be captured by your own essence.

My deepest desire is that my work will elicit an emotional response that motivates others to act on self realization, personal growth and unconditional love towards all Beings.