I am moved by diversity and in that way my work is a creative response to life.  Most of the time, I am ensconced in portraying spirituality, growth concepts. I’ve come to understand that I paint whatever I am passionate about at the moment. Therefore, my studio is a work in progress itself.  I seek to discover the soul and spirit of what I am engaged with, making visual narratives about life in the 21st century.

Rather than subscribe to a particular icon, subject, ideology or style, I prefer not to be limited. I rarely work from drawings and if I do they are very loose. But always my companion is my imagination who guides me. I start with large brushes, allowing for a free form “gliding” over the canvas without thought, only intuition, imagination and a story in mind. In that way, it’s easy to feel that my process is like an open eye meditation. It is then shapes, textures, forms develop and I begin “sharpening and tightening” figures, landscapes in the moment. I point my brush in the direction to capture the essence of my subjects. Not really a direct likeness. Perhaps to give the viewer a sense of connection, a sense of timelessness to enter the art and be part of it.  My aim is for my paintings to elaborate on transformation. I am interested in all energies beneath the surface, the subconscious and the unknown. I often go back in time or project into the future to create something new.

My dream is that my art creates a story thus dismantling reality, thereby creating a platform of awareness to see our similarities rather than our differences. My wish for the viewer is to become engaged in the painting, to be suspended in the now, transported into a state of becoming, and then finally to connect to oneself in new ways. My deepest desire is that my work will elicit an emotional response that motivates others to act on self realization, personal growth and unconditional love towards all Beings.