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Whats New On the Easel?

My painting “Hope” was auctioned  to support those affected by cancer.


oil on canvas


Art The Silent Healer™ was founded by Sheryl Ann Noday in Los Angeles, 1990 with a focus on spiritual communications and making art from those narratives. The idea being to transport viewers into other worlds where mystical, metaphysical and healing ideas are opulent, desiring to create a platform of wonder.Cultivating her gifts at a young age, Sheryl often say’s, “She was Born to Channel”, having her first channeling experience, giving voice to her Spirit Guides at 15 years old. Together in  partnership we are dedicated to the magic of Art the Silent Healer. 

“I like to think of what I do as outrageous, spontaneous play with the Unseen, to make Seen”.

Channeling ~  I will teach you all about Channeling, it’s phenomena, its grace! Channeling~   There’s nothing like it!

What pulls us out of suffering and into JOY, love is what I am passionate about. Dedicating my life to working with Spirit, we share with you the following opportunities for growth. Trance Channeling/Mediumship, Healing, Light Energy Work, Sound Tonal Vibrational Healing and last but not least Magical Realism oil paintings. I invite all those that are wanting to shift from one state of consciousness to the next, to grow from the inside out and to know life as it was intended to be. A life of wonder, happiness, connection, and passion to come and “dance with us in consciousness” as Siria Family would say.

I along with Spirit have assisted thousands around the globe to find the essence of love, restoring one to harmony, and balance. Thus feeling the transformation within one’s life.  We offer  The Anatomy of Authentic Channeling. Classes.  Private sessions. One on One. Workshops in which one learns to grow in their soul self. We are guided by Spirit. Learning to respond in concert with our Spirit Guides. How they work. Why? What is life like  or even without Higher Self, Soul and Spirit? We answer the call. When people experience unconditional love, shifts occur in the subconscious, one connects with their divinity, remembers their own power. This dismantles the illusion of separation which is the core of all pain.

Siria Family have prepared me to increase the divine synchronicity of my path and I am eternally grateful and in such awe of my new self-empowerment! I love the adventure and mystery of raising my awareness and consciousness through a co-collaboration with Spirit. Sheryl is so enthusiastic, delightfully warm, humble, and genuine that her approach to channeling has given me a new appreciation of this form of healing. The more I become immersed in this particular way of merging with Spirit- the more it feels familiar and natural- like this was how we were meant to “understand” our true selves. After you take the leap, prepare to leave boring behind.


I believe art heals. The healing in my experience comes from the blending of spirit and physical.
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Trance Channel/Medium

We are in the Collectors Issue Sedona Journal.

Siria Family channeling can also be found in April, July of 2022

Want to grow, heal through a channeling process? Come study with us, read more https://sherylnoday.com/classes/

Channeling Sessions with Siria Family are private consultations which are intimate, loving and and prove to be energetically shifting.
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Soul & Spirit Portraits

Angels, Higher Self, Inner Child Self, Spirit Guides, Soul and Star Selves, even Future Selves are all part of our journey here on planet Earth.
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Hello Sheryl, I learned of you and the work you do today from a good friend who recently experienced a healing session with you. He spoke with such joy and energy about the experience. I would love to learn about the possibility of arranging a session with you soon~ thank you friends for the wonderful testimonials!

“Sheryl is the best channel I know! She is the most serious teacher I’ve ever met. I can’t say enough about her, but I wish everyone could know how genuine and clear Siria family’s guidance is.” 
– Jason in Chicago


Sheryl is a genuine, sincere, and compassionate trance channeler and healer that is committed to growth and spreading the message of love.
– Linda in Oregon

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Listen to a lively interview ~ Bob Charles speaks with both Sheryl and Siria Family


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