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        Please enjoy this recent interview hosted by Lauren Galey on her show, "Quantum Conversations". We chatted about my life as a channel/healer and how I got started.  In the show I also channeled Siria Family who guided the audience on a beautiful Higher Self meditation.

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"I have dedicated  my life working with Spirit in Healing and making art about those ideas".

What pulls us out of human suffering and into joy, love is what I am passionate about. I believe joy and happiness are the pillars we walk through, sustaining us in healing. In this way, these mystical, yet grounding experiences are my muses, my guiding force". 

Art The Silent Healer™ was founded by Sheryl Ann Noday in Los Angeles, 1990 with a focus on making art that inspires her passion of healing, thereby creating a platform where healing as creative expression. Cultivating her gifts at a young age, Sheryl often say's, "She was Born to Channel". Trance channeling Beings from Sirius known as Siria family, creating visionary art and healing for 3 decades through out the United States,  Sheryl channels a loving consciousness that refers to themselves as Siria Family. Together in partnership they are dedicated to the art of healing. The focus of Siria Family’s message is metaphysical, transformational and based on the belief that “We Create Our Own Reality”, thus life is but a DREAM!

In this way, Sheryl and  Siria Family both say "no matter what side of the veil one is on" we are here for you in restoring  peace and harmony. Working both with Soul's still incarnate and Soul's already on Spirit side.

"Words cannot express how appreciative I am to have crossed paths with Sheryl Noday. A gifted teacher on so many levels, both her classes and private sessions have had a profound impact on my perspective, and therefore, my life. Sheryl's capacity to channel is truly inspired. I highly recommend Sheryl's work. She is a gift to our world and beyond." ~Annie Burnside, Award-winning Author of Soul to Soul Parenting

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Sheryl Ann Noday, Art The Silent Healer

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Trance Channel/Medium

We are in this issue of Sedona Journal!

Channeling Sessions with Siria Family are private consultations which are intimate, loving and and prove to be energetically shifting. Siria Family speaks with people all over the country. While in the presence of Siria Family you are met with absolute love with each and every meeting. They assist us, offering us guidance in creating our dreams into realities while penetrating our consciousness as we recalibrate, transforming our vibration. I also channel Chief White Feather, Dolphin Consciousness and last but not least The Ascended Masters.

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I believe art heals. The healing in my experience comes from the blending of spirit and physical. Painting is magical, an act of healing because it allows for this infusion. When I begin to work I activate the silent part of myself as well as the chaotic. It is through this contrast that I find my voice and begin the gentle dance of painting. My paintings are about stories of healing.

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Soul & Spirit Portraits

Angels, Higher Self, Inner Child Self, Spirit Guides, Soul and Star Selves, even Future Selves are all part of our journey here on planet Earth. These Beings share themselves , expose themselves to us in a myriad of loving ways. Have you ever wondered what these Beings may look like and the healing messages they have for you?

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Listen to a lively interview ~ Bob Charles speaks with both Sheryl and Siria Family