Its just too fun sharing what folks have shared with me about their art purchase!

Sharing the love……

“I love how you customized my painting after talking to my guides. That adds a special dimension to it, so thank for that and for the beautiful art. it lt looks lovely in my room and completes the energy. Thank you, I will enjoy it for eons”. V in California.

“It is a privilege to connect with you and your work. We love your work both with Siria Family and also your heart. The piece you made for us has graced our lives already”, thank you P in Chicago.

“We love our painting, thank you, its exquisite”. S in Chicago

“Your work is really beautiful and on target, we love the new piece in our home, thank you”. M in Chicago.

“My home is so beautiful with 3 of your works that I never want to leave now, lol” B in Los Angles.