During your personal growth session It is my love and joy to bring through Siria Family for you. I have been with Siria Family for many lifetimes, in this life I am their sole, soul channel.  I feel you will surely enjoy them.  

Siria Family’s focus is Personal growth and healing, based on the idea that we are the creators of our own realityWe do this by taking a deep look within our interior,  the emotional landscape, the subconscious to heal from within. Siria Family guides us to the core of what is holding is back, then assists us in reprogramming. She, Siria Family loves assisting others with healing deep wounds regarding a variety of issues. But this is not a session whereby you are sitting and listening dear one. This is interactive, like you are speaking with a dear old friend, friends deep within the universe. Siria Family will come out of the gate first toning which is a language of light and then will deliver a message for you.  Then, You are asked what your first question is, what you want to talk about? It’s suggested that you know what you want to talk about. They will  answer your questions, guide and process with you at that time.  Have a few things you want to speak about. They will find a “thread” if there is one.    Siria Family, nor I have any judgement whatsoever. We already love you and are ready to be of service in assisting you to shine and become more of the diamond that you are.

Private Sessions with Siria Family are private consultations which are intimate, loving and and prove to be energetically shifting and focus on you entirely! While in the presence of Siria  you are met with absolute love with each and every meeting. They assist us, offering us guidance in creating our dreams into realities while penetrating our consciousness as we recalibrate, transforming our vibration. They have a deep sense of humor and wisdom, creating a vortex of safety and love, while offering life changing insights. With these divine teachings, self love is encouraged, the value of self empowerment is explored, while a variety of topics, concerns are being discussed.

Past lives, health, old patterns and discovery of the new self that is emerging from you, are just a few to mention from this personal growth encounter. A truly transformative enlightening experience of feeling completely loved without conditions while receiving emotional peace, compassion and healing. Past lives, Future lives, inter dimensional lives all play a role in the current life. Sessions with Siria can often shift and family members on the other side veil can make their presence known.  Sheryl and Siria Family both work as healers restoring love where pain may reside to bring about a sense of clarity and resolution. Known for restoring  peace and harmony both with Soul’s still incarnate and Soul’s on the other side of the veil.

I truly care about your experience with us and hope it is everything you wish for, Sheryl.

Testimonial  Sheryl is a kind and loving human being who channels a loving consciousness called Siria Family.  Siria Family has given me insight and ways to reframe situations as well as evoking healing in my life for years.  I probably have only had one session per year for the last 10 years, and yet it has been more effective for me that any other therapy and counseling I’ve had.  There is so much empowerment and love that happens and I can reflect on, that I am able to “love myself more” as  Siria Family would say. I think it takes an open person to receive this special kind of healing, as well as confidence in one’s self.  I have had moments of doubt in the process, since it isn’t traditional or as mainstream as confiding in someone face to face.  Yet, each time I have a session, my life is filled with more light and love. The results of that are more self empowerment and healing in my life.  The traditional therapy sessions I have had only led me to go back every week and unwind my thinking and emotions.  My work with Siria Family has gone quite a bit deeper, caused me to not only to have faith in that process but myself.  Ultimately, that is what I’m attracted to: people being more loving.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to attest to the power of this healing. Love, Linda to see more testimonials please see testimonials page


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