Talking with Animals, Animal Communication

Our Animal Friends love to talk with us, they want us to understand. What I have found is that “they do not talk as much as us either”.
They get right to the point, no clutter, or confusion. Simple.
I would be delighted to connect to your friend that is still on the earth plane or one that has transitioned. I do not need to be in the presence of the Being, a picture is fine. This form of communication is most healing. I am continually humbled by the wisdom, instincts and explanation therein of the Animal Kingdom. During this work I connect with 2 Feline Guide Beings  that work with me. We have been of service in assisting  Animal Companions into new homes to bring comfort and safety to all, we have made crystal grids to assist in the integration of emotional needs, we have consulted Furry Friends that have been abandoned, we have been a consort and loving friend to those in need. It would be my honor to work with you in this way. All sessions are completely unique unto themselves.


Dear Sheryl, I read this to Kerwin, he is in awe. I will always be grateful, the peace i feel. We had just bought natural stuff for her too! We bought the lavender you suggested too. You do know this now and are so correct that Meadow is sooo wise she is not a dog or will be no longer. She is a master in the animal kingdom and i felt she was in this life to transform/evolve not only to be taught but to teach. You have helped my thoughts now because i kept seeing her and waiting for her to die. I was trying to envision her healthy and whole as Spirit was instructing me but looking at her infected tumor which numbed her face and lumps in her throat(can spirit stop the growth?) it was hard to “see” beyond that. Meadow thanks you. We are going for a walk today and picnic in the mountains! Please send me your address. We are mailing you something. Xoxo ( i know you do not want anything but please i want you address:))

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