Each energy treatment is specifically designed and created for your own personal needs. In a safe and loving environment, I work with channeling and toning, a vibrational healing as well as hands on to facilitate and integrate the energies at hand.  Through this process I am able to use the gift of clairvoyance seeing within ones energy field. This gift I do not take lightly as Spirit is showing the incredible etheric planes on which they work. We can begin to understand spiritual healing from a energy point of view. Science has already stated that everything is made of energy, molecules vibrating at certain frequency's. And yet we can not see these cells and molecules unless we are under a microscope. They are tiny, powerful and make up our systems. They are also small and take up small space. The other space I am referring to is invisible and where the injury, the disease, the pain, emotional, mental, physical is located in that space. We can adjust that space with energy. As energy meets energy realignments, can and do take place. There are also the 7 well known chakra centers. However, the energy facilitator knows there are more. 7 invisible chakra's above the head and 7 below the feet, each energy center, each wheel of energy contains its own set of feelings, emotions, physical organs and meanings associated with those said organs. Each and every cell in our bodies and invisible bodies a carries a consciousness. We can connect with those cells and reprogram them. This is not longer considered esoteric, but now widely accepted and sought out. 

In our modern world we are often focused on the pain or issue that is most obvious to us, but it is not the entire story. Past lives, inner child trauma and abuse often represent themselves as sub personalities, pain and emotional blockages. We unravel “your story” by self examination to find the sacred in you, bringing that to the surface, thereby creating a new core belief. Parallel realities, future lives and creating a positive futures are far more possible when we experience a emotional clearing, reprogramming, thus creating a new dream in motion. Often times the energy can represent itself as a web of tiny lines that are all connected. This can be easily experienced in one's life when things are going well or when life is not. We all have lessons we have chosen to learn in this life. When we embrace our lessons with eyes of wonderment, eyes of love the issue already begins to soften thereby beginning to surrender and allow in the healing energies. Healing energies can feel different for everyone. There are many kinds. Know that in our session together you will be treated with upmost respect, kindness as these energies are served to you. You may feel incredible relaxed, dreamy, or hot, cold. As energy leaves that was once taking up space, often times chills, or a cold rush one may feel or sometimes a feeling of warmth, The beauty is you and for you. I so love healing. I so love being part of this extraodinary service for others. We absolutely do not need to carry anything around that is not of our highest good, thereby bringing a sense of goodness to all we come in contact with. Spirit has said "its the energy we are in that we offer to the world".

Channeling Past Lives, giving voice to You. In this form of channeling it is very similar to channeling a Being, except the Being if You! In this way I simply step aside and allow for the Past life to speak. This can be incredibly healing for a person to see themselves and interact with themselves from a whole new perspective. Imagine if you could not only be with a past life but speak to one in a channeling process? In this form of healing the results are always, always transformative. However, with this form of healing, your Soul with always choose and decide when its time. In that way, they can not be planned. Trauma Release is another experience that often occurs. In this form of channeling, my body echoes this pain / trauma, facilitating the emotional body, creating a bridge of cleansing for another.  I often give homework assignments, or what I prefer to call home play. 

My desire is to uplift you to a state where Magic, Miracles, Healing occur far more  than are spoken about!  To live life with less fear and more love. Its all energy.

We are all energy. It's our authenticity to not only "feel well, but to Be Outrageously Well".


"Thank you again for a profound session on Saturday. My life and body are changed~I can feel it. The effects are rippling out one moment at a time, and the increase in inner peace that I feel is noticeable". 

Such Gratitude, Gwynneth

"Although it is almost impossible to put everything in words that you and Siria Family have done for me in just a few short months...I am going to try. Through your help and guidance and your incredible healing powers I have literally transformed into a much happier, more balanced and empowered person. Little did I know how much "baggage" I was carrying around with me...once the healing started I started feeling lifted and A LOT lighter. I am able to see, feel and understand everything within me and surrounding me. What’s most important is that I have found a deep sense of self love. My aura has been cleaned and my path has been opened, and even when faced with obstacles they are no longer an obstacle but an opportunity to create something that’s good for ME. I feel a great shift in and around myself. Again, it is impossible to describe what all you and Siria have done for me.  Simply put it’s magical"!

Love and appreciation,
N. Bell