Private Session, just you and Spirit
Channeling Sessions with Siria Family are private consultations which are intimate, loving and and prove to be energetically shifting. Siria Family speaks with people all over the country. While in the presence of Siria Family you are met with absolute love with each and every meeting. They assist us, offering us guidance in creating our dreams into realities while penetrating our consciousness as we recalibrate, transforming our vibration. They have a deep sense of humor and wisdom, creating a vortex of safety and love, while offering life changing insights. With these divine teachings, self love is encouraged, the value of self empowerment is explored, while a variety of topics, concerns are being discussed. Past lives, health, old patterns and discovery of the new self that is emerging from you, are just a few to mention from this personal growth encounter. A truly transformative enlightening experience of feeling completely loved without conditions while receiving emotional peace, compassion and healing.  Sheryl brings a spiritual alchemy which facilitates Love Consciousness in her channeling of Siria Family, Ascended Masters, Chief White Feather and Dolphin Consciousness. From the realms of Sirius, Beings of Light, known as “Siria Family”, who speak of LOVE, healing, self integration, thus offering powerful, transformational transmissions. They love touching our hearts illuminating the light from within. Siria Family often sings the songs of Sirius with loud vibrational healing tones, a language of light.  A renowned international practice which expands nearly 3 decades offering private consultations, classes, and workshops. Gatherings, as well as private sessions are interactive, being in the presence of Spirit through Sheryl you are met with absolute love. Attendees often feel a vibrational shift, a raising of their consciousness to that of the Higher Self. Creative insights, ah-ha  moments occur and love is shared. Siria Family & Sheryl are dedicated to the “art of healing" by looking at the depth of soul's issues offering unique perspectives to ignite the "spark of divine consciousness within”. New realities emerge, miracles shine through illuminating the idea, that "Life is but a Dream”.

Mediumship Sessions with Family Members on the Other Side
Its a beautiful experience to know there is no end to life, but instead a new life that meets us, waits for us as we return to Spirit. I am thrilled that this subject is gaining popularity and have found that no matter what a person's beliefs are, they are either interested or intrigued by conversations with dearly departed loved ones.

In this way, I respond as a medium which is exactly as the name reveals. I am half here and half there in a sense. I connect to the individual and begin to relay the messages they have for you. Another way I work is that I bring forth in a channeling sense the Being that is being called upon. IN other words the Soul speaks through me to communicate with family members. Often times healing occurs through the use of my own body mirroring the symptoms, issues, complications upon death. This is incredibly healing for the one that has transitioned as well as remaining family members. What I would like for people to know that this again is a most loving experience, similar to speaking with Siria Family through me, but different in that you are speaking with a relative that was once physical. No two sessions are ever, even remotely similar. I have found that instead of the Beings finding lost objects or proving what someone had for dinner the previous night is certainly not what they come for. But instead to love.
The Soul always wants to grown which ever side of the veil we find ourselves. This form healing, direct Soul to Soul contact and communiation provides a comfort, a sense of peace that many say go beyond words. I have been honored to be witness to phenomenal healing with Mothers who have lost children, families whom have lost members, unexpected transitions, the grieving therein, the healing that follows.

I love to help others heal!

I am honored, blessed that Spirit is working with me in this way to be of service offering this form of healing. (I am my happiest during these times of healing).

Animal Talk
Our Animal Friends love to talk with us, they want us to understand. What I have found is that "they do not talk as much as us either".
They get right to the point, no clutter, or confusion. Simple.
I would be delighted to connect to your friend that is still on the earth plane or one that has transitioned. I do not need to be in the presence of the Being, a picture is fine. This form of communication is most healing. I am continually humbled by the wisdom, instincts and explanation therein of the Animal Kingdom. During this work I connect with 2 Feline Guide Beings  that work with me. We have been of service in assisting  Animal Companions into new homes to bring comfort and safety to all, we have made crystal grids to assist in the integration of emotional needs, we have consulted Furry Friends that have been abandoned, we have been a consort and loving friend to those in need. It would be my honor to work with you in this way. All sessions are completely unique unto themselves.

Sessions are Available by Phone,  Skype, etc
Sheryl will go into trance allowing spirit to speak through her offering you guidance, love and healing during your personal and private reading.
Once date and time are selected please make your payment to confirm, thank you. Sessions now available on Skype, Zoom, Face time, etc.