Each energy treatment is specifically designed and created for your own personal needs. In a safe and loving environment, I work with channeling and toning, a vibrational healing as well as hands on to facilitate and integrate the energies at hand.  Through this process I am able to use the gift of clairvoyance seeing within ones energy field. This gift I do not take lightly as Spirit is showing the incredible etheric planes on which they work.

In our modern world we are often focused on the pain or issue that is most obvious to us, but it is not the entire story. Past lives, inner child trauma and abuse often represent themselves as sub personalities, pain and emotional blockages. We unravel “your story” by self examination to find the sacred in you, bringing that to the surface, thereby creating a new core belief. Parallel realities, future lives and creating a positive futures are far more possible when we experience a emotional clearing, reprogramming, thus creating a new dream in motion.

Trauma Release is another experience that often occurs. In this form of channeling, my body echoes this pain / trauma, facilitating the emotional body, creating a bridge of cleansing for another. Magic and miracles occur far more often than we are led to believe.


"Thank you again for a profound session on Saturday. My life and body are changed~I can feel it. The effects are rippling out one moment at a time, and the increase in inner peace that I feel is noticeable". 

Such Gratitude, Gwynneth

"Although it is almost impossible to put everything in words that you and Siria Family have done for me in just a few short months...I am going to try. Through your help and guidance and your incredible healing powers I have literally transformed into a much happier, more balanced and empowered person. Little did I know how much "baggage" I was carrying around with me...once the healing started I started feeling lifted and A LOT lighter. I am able to see, feel and understand everything within me and surrounding me. What’s most important is that I have found a deep sense of self love. My aura has been cleaned and my path has been opened, and even when faced with obstacles they are no longer an obstacle but an opportunity to create something that’s good for ME. I feel a great shift in and around myself. Again, it is impossible to describe what all you and Siria have done for me.  Simply put it’s magical"!

Love and appreciation,
N. Bell