Birthday Celebration

And so it is, the birthday celebration begins. It started early this year, on the day of the full moon I have a conversation with a man whom I do not know and have not met. He says something to me, without knowing the power of his words that a few lifetimes ago my Soul would of paid money to hear. As I stared opened eyed, mouth aghast, my mind replayed over and over his words. If I were to share them with you, they would have no meaning whatsoever. It was not a compliment or anything of the sort. For me, no one ever in this life or perhaps any others, has seen me in this way. Spoken what my Soul longed to hear. I was stunned.

My inner liberty bell rang loud and clear. It meant everything in the world to me.

For my Birthday I did what I do best and that was to go between the worlds. We all had a great time where, there are no boundaries, no limits and creative peace reigns as truth. Many would argue what a isolating way for me to spend my birthday. How lonely and alienating. But it was hardly that and so much more. I can guarantee you, it was standing room only over here.

Thank you to all of you that posted bday greetings. I read each one and loved it. Thank you to those who thought about it and did not post.
I have learned in life they are one in the same.

When the clock stroke the time of my birth I thought about my mom and I, just 60 years ago in the early morning hours. My birth would be the first journey we would take together. She and I alone for the first time along with hospital staff, she had her baby girl. My Dad that night was working some cheap ass job. He would later become a 6 figure father. This I would see in my lifetime.

I feel blessed for the journey I have been on. How wild, crazy, and hardly mundane it has been.
And I knew
I knew.
I would not have it any other way.

And for the man, I do not know who touched my Soul, I am reminded that the most meaningful of gifts often times come in invisible packages.