Working with Gate Keepers

I walk by her and hear the words “ connect to the Gate Keepers of this Island.

I turn, my eyes meeting the powerful and strong Tree in front of me. Yes, She spoke to me, gave guidance and listening I did. In gratitude I reached for her, sensed her and saw her divine opening. I am just steps away from the sand of Oahu, a short distance from where I stand. I find a place in the sand, sit and begin.

I close my eyes and do what I do, connect in that delicious way, where Spirit meets.

I see them male and female, the Kahuna’s who guide, protect and welcome or not visitors to this place. They are dancing. Joyously, fiercely, with tremendous movement creating a circle all around the island. They are massive to say the least. Some in grass skirts, some in draped clothing, with ornamentals on their heads. I watch the rhythm and energy. A male approaches and beings to shake his seed filled rattle all around me. I feel the pulsating in my heart and She, my heart begins to beat in a new rhythm. Telepathically, I reveal why I am here, what I wish to share, offer, the love that moves through me with my art. I am now pulled forward in the circle to dance the dance with them!

And so I do.

They welcome me. I am accepted to be here.

And so its the love that I am here to share.

And I do.

Spirit often works in mysterious ways. It is important that in any channeling, communication with Spirit, that we connect to our Gate Keepers. We all have them, they work in concert with our Guides and Higher Self. As we have jobs, roles to play out, perform here on this plane, so do they. When in connect with another Spirit, such as a Tree Spirit, or a Human or Astral Energy, or even the Spirit of the Island, which I learned here, connection with the idea of ones own Gate Keeper can provide access to deeper realms that are magical. My journey to Honolulu exceeded all my expectations. I believe it is because I listened to Moma the Tree, honored her guidance and danced with the Gate Keepers of Oahu.

I invite you on your next journey to look around, see and feel what sparks you. Then listen.

Listen quietly. You might be guided to something quite magical. Its all around us.

Just look.

This is Moma. I think of her daily.