It was more than a Book Signing

I set out early for a book signing today. Captivated by a radio announcement the other day, I was called in a sense to attend a book signing about “Apache Wars” a book by Ethan Hawke and artist, Greg Ruth. A dear friend accompanies me as we gather, a small crowd in a intimate theatre in the burbs of Chicago. I loved hearing how the project came to be, the passion therein, how artist and author met, their collaboration etc.

The two men spoke about how their “roles” crossed over. Meaning one was giving ideas on drawing, the other suggesting storie ideas. I reflected on the idea that when Spirits come together in a non ego way that is exaclty what happens, a loss of boundaries. When there are no boundaries, the veils become thin, uncontrolled creativity, abounds and fearless creation can emerge.

Such is the idea of co creation.

I loved learning about Geramino, the incrediblely loving letters he wrote to President Roosevelt. His life, his loves, his transition.There was magic in the sharing. Ethan Hawke was lit up, such a light. He is loaded with charisma, filled with magnetism. His energy filled the room. The two men artist & author were candid, unscripted.

In the moment.

When the attention turned for audience questions, a man asked about a scene Ethan did with Robin Williams.

The movie, “Dead Poets Society”, Ethan went into character right then and there, shouted his lines with full vigor. He said when working with the genius of Robin Williams he lost himself in character, he became lost in the moment of creation.

I reflected on this idea and have had similar moments in painting.

But what happens every time, absolutely every time I channel, exactly that happens.

I loose myself in Spirit.

That’s what channeling is. To connect with something greater than the self to loose oneself, to surrender in that way… is Spirit.

Listening to Ethan Hawke speak regardless of what forum it is, the goal is to become one with, then as he says “magic occurs”. This can only happen when one steps out of the self into the unknown.

It was then time for the book signing and my awareness came back into the room.

When it came my turn, he looked at me and asked my name.

I replied…..Sheryl.

I looked deeply into his eyes and in a moment of sheer grace……he knew I understood.