What’s in a Name?

Usually I am ahead of schedule. I am one of those types that likes to live on the edge. Somehow I find comfort in the extremes, the intensity, it draws up a juicy creative syrup for me. Now mind you it doesn’t always have to be that way. In fact I would rather it not. Just saying that when the extremes are around,  when the intensity is at play, I, too play along.
But in this case I am tardy.
Way late. 
You may be wondering late on what? And that is the idea of blogging. Its been around for hmmm, a decade now? Well, here I am just getting started. I have much to say, much to share. I have started to write a book on my favorite topic which is channeling, its depth, its purpose and the reasons I suggest to learn this ancient form of communication.
But for today, I am sharing with you something personal about me. A change in the spelling of my name. Now only the spelling mind you. Those of you that know me, are familiar with my name as Sharyl which I have used that spelling for nearly 30 years. I moved from the original spelling of Sheryl in 1990 to Sharyl. It was fresh using the A. I liked it. It came about through automatic writing one sunny day with my Higher Self. So I decided to keep it and use it. It brought a new surge of energy in a new way such as a initiating energy as well as a masculine study of myself. I embraced this and loved those years.
Now, recently it has come to my attention from Spirit (I have been feeling it too), a calling if you will to return to my core, the original spelling, Sheryl.
Well this took some time because even though the message did come from Spirit, still I had to ponder it.
And then I just….. f…e…l…t   it!. As I returned to the initial spelling, I was being called in a sense to return HOME to myself. But  what was even more special is that I was being called by my inner goddess. I finally saw it as I returned to Sheryl, I embraced the “SHE” within me!
Where did the “A” go in the Sharyl version I used for so long?  I took my middle name and for the first time started using it.
Currently in my 5th decade, I can say by using my full name I feel more feminine than ever. This time though, with the masculine side fully intact.
We often give ourselves life lessons. Truly this is the case. There is no one else directing us what to do. We are the student, the teacher, the conductor the orchestra. By taking a close examination of ourselves, our very life gives us so much. Its not only the other way around, that we constantly give to life.
But what life gives to us!

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