The Ides of March

Caesar was elected as Consul in 59 BC, at this time he began powerful alliances with 2 other men which became known as First Triumvirate. Many energies lead Caesar to Egypt. In one way his military success, the increase in ego lead him to be adored by not the few, but all of Rome.

A friend Pompey, one of the original “First Triumvirate” set himself up, now to be a opponent of Caesar and demanded that he return home, to Rome accusing him of treason.

Caesar feared that if he entered Rome with this news he may be arrested. Caesar along with his army crossed the Rubicon River which marked the boundary of the Roman Republic. It was forbidden for him or any other Roman General to cross. It was this act alone that brings about many of the energies we see today, the unpleasant ones. War.

As a result the once popular “trio” was now dismantled. It was Mark Anthony that was appointed by Caesar to be in control of Rome while he was away.

Caesar now head fast towards his destiny embarks on his journey to Egypt in attempt to follow Pompey. However he is greeted by disgust. The head of Pompey. The trio is now dismantled forever. The soldiers who took this act of another’s life thought oddly this would please Caesar, but instead it only infuriated him.

There are many written tales of Caesar and Cleopatra. Did She indeed present herself in a rolled carpet with the scent of rose? Like a giant joint ready to be smoked? Or was she ready, waiting in her temple for the Roman General? Wanting to seduce him or more interested in ruling Egypt? All she needed was her brother Ptolemy Xlll to be out of her way. Do it herself or have Caesar and her brother fight it out. Which they did. Caesar won another battle, the Battle of the Nile in 47 BC.

Its Cleopatra’s throne now. What happened between Cleopatra and Caesar is a mystery for sure, but we do know that only a few months later the Queen of Egypt presents herself to the people. She is pregnant.

Caesar now begins to fantasize about his return to Rome, his barren wife whom he left in waiting for 2 years while he stayed in Egypt.

Cleopatra and Caesar did have one child, a son.

When he returned to Rome he was filed with savvy. He reformed the tax laws, extended rights to the Roman world, revised the calendar and established a police force.

However, there were many in the Senate that were displeased with his actions therefore a plot was set in motion to save the Roman Senate by removing Caesar.

On March 15, The Ides of March was the day he was attacked, ending his life. In a attempt to save the Republic by removing Caesar instead his enemies destroy it forever.

The need, greed for power is not power at all. The idea of death or even hurting another does not create change.

Only love does.

I wonder when creating new realities by loving each other will be the norm?

I would like to think now is the time.

painting by Jean Leon Gerome.